Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First Tuesday of Lent

The First Canon, Tone 2


                             FIRST CANON

Soul, be temperant;
be vigilant, sigh and weep.
Reject all the burden of sin by fasting.
Flee from the fire of passions by true and fervent repentance,
and rending the garments of mourning with tears, be clothed anew.

Woe is me!  Who will I become?
And what shall I do?
I have committed sins without conscience,
and have not feared the Master.
Therefore, even before the Judgment, I stand condemned.
Save me and bring me back, O righteous and gracious Judge,
though I have angered You more than all other men.


Unsown earth, which brought forth the Nourisher of all:
He who opened His hands, and of His own good will
satisfies every living thing by His power:
strengthen with the Living Bread
the hearts weakened by satisfaction with wicked transgression.


Soul, put aside the wicked sleep of laziness,
and persevere with sincere vigilance in the Lord's commands.
The torch-bearing Bridegroom is drawing near;
let us hasten to greet Him!

Wounded by wicked pleasures,
heal me with the bountiful cure of Your merciful divine will, O Word,
and I will glorify You with thanksgiving forever.

Restrain yourself, soul, from harmful passions,
from hate and envy and from every evil.
Be nourished in the Fast with the spiritual meat from heaven,
which is the Word of God.


Pure Bearer of God,
heal the inclinations of my soul,
the passions of my heart; the instability of my mind.
You are the only helper of us sinners; the invincible wall.


Who among men has sinned against the Lord as much as I?
Who has remained in sin for as long as I, a wretched man?
But, O God, the Fountain of mercy, have compassion on me.

Angelic powers who look on God,
entreat the One who is quick to forgive,
to save the soul, lost and adrift on the sea of this life's pleasures,
in a tempest of passions,
suffering from attacks of hostile spirits.

Come, soul, take wing.
By the efforts of the fast arise from indolence.
Be filled with the vision of joy,
and behold God in faith!


Who can worthily proclaim your praise,
pure Virgin who gave birth ineffably to the exalted Master and Lord,
to whom the angelic hosts sing praise.
Pray to Him for all of us who have sinned exceedingly,
unwedded Bride.

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