Thursday, February 23, 2012

First Thursday in Lent

                             FIRST CANON

                TONE 2 (By Joseph the Hymnographer)


Become as lightning, my soul,
receiving the flashing rays of abstinence,
and flee from the obscurity of sin:
that through the divine Spirit
the light of forgiveness may enlighten you as the rising sun.

The deceiver enticed and captured me with the hook of pleasure.
But, apostles, as by your preaching
you have caught the whole world in your net
deliver me from his malice.

Glorious apostles,
you shine as rays from the Sun of glory.
You dispel the eclipse of error.
Let your light also fall on me,
for I am darkened by every evil.


I cry out to you day and night in my affliction.
Encircled by your help and strength, Virgin, I shall be saved,
and shall leap over the wall of sensual pleasure.


Let us abstain from every pleasure;
let us enrich our powers of perception through fasting,
and let us drink gladly the cup of compunction, as we sing:
All works of the Lord, bless the Lord!

Apostles, when you sit with Christ to judge mortal men,
though I deserve condemnation for my many sins,
intercede for me, that I may be granted a place at His right hand.

Cleansed by the Fast,
let us go up into the chariot of the divine virtues,
making our mind ascend on wings to the height of heaven, as we sing:
All works of the Lord, bless the Lord!


Virgin, you bore the fire of the Godhead, yet remained unconsumed.
Burn up the passions of our souls,
for in faith we call on you with the angelic salutation,
since it is you alone who bring us joy!


  Cast into the yawning deep of sensual pleasure,
I call upon the abyss of Your tender mercies:
O Helmsman, save me!

Fountain of compassion,
give me compunction and cries of sorrow,
that I may lament the endless ocean of my evil deeds.

At the holy prayers of Your disciples, Jesus
grant that I may venerate Your divine passion
and Your dread Resurrection.


You made our earthly nature heavenly, undefiled Virgin,
for God took up His dwelling in your womb:
Deliver us all from danger!

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