Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Singing the Divine Office

Last year, I spoke of the dearth of materials available for singing the Liturgy of the Hours.

Well, that situation hasn't changed much.

So, I figured the best thing to do is make the chant of the old office available in print.

This past week, I have republished the Antiphonarium Ordinis Prædicatorum (the Antiphonary of the Order of Preachers) and the 1911 Antiphonale Romanum (Roman Antiphonal). The Roman Antiphonal contains all the chant necessary to sing the day hours of the 1962 Roman Breviary, which is currently approved by Rome for those who prefer the older, Extraordinary Form of the Roman Mass.

Both can be ordered at http://lulu.ByzantineDominican.com

Cantemus Domino - Let us Sing to the Lord.


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